5 Strange Historical Facts About Dayton, Ohio

Dayton Metro Library

Thank you so much for allowing the Library to utilize your meeting room yesterday.  Everyone was wonderful and our group had a very productive session. Many thanks, and I’m sure you’ll see us again as we renovate the Main Library.


Director, External Relations and Development


Dayton City Commission Office

Thank you very much for the use of your Community Room for our staff retreat.  It was a great space to use and your staff was very accommodating of our group.  I appreciate the opportunity to use your space.

I wish BarryStaff every success in the City of Dayton.

Kery T. Gray

Director of the City Commission Office

City of Dayton, Ohio

101 W. Third Street

Second Floor

Dayton, Ohio  45402

Startup Grind Dayton

I just wanted to send a note of thanks for opening your facility to the Startup Grind Dayton event on Wednesday. We had 35+ people at the event, and your space was awesome. Really appreciate your willingness to let us use the space. One gap for us was that we didn’t get any pictures this month—but we will next month

Warm Regards—and thanks again.

Greg Meredith- Practice Leader

Dayton-Montgomery County Scholarship Program

We so appreciate the use of your beautiful meeting space and the available parking  Your staff was most helpful and accommodating.  How wonderful that you offer this to the community free of charge.

We had approximately 50 counselors from the county in attendance and heard many great comments about the space – and especially the parking right outside!

I’m sure we’ll be contacting you again,


Karen D. Bartocci Poe
Program Coordinator
Dayton-Montgomery County Scholarship Program
40 North Main Street, Suite 500
Dayton, OH  45423

About My Sisters

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation to YOU and the entire BarryStaff Team for making us feel so welcome in YOUR HOME!

Our event last week was an overwhelming success and using the space at BarryStaff was a key factor.  Not only was the Community Room perfect for our program, but the staff as helpful beyond belief!  I must give a special “shout out” to Robert and Kerri for making themselves available to assist us in the days leading up to our event and on the actual day.  They were welcomed us upon our arrival and were gracious to our speaker and our guests.

I also want to acknowledge the janitorial staff.  As our event ran into the evening, they were very patient with us and offered assistance as well.

Again,  thank you for all you did to make our event a success!



Karen M.R. Townsend, Ph.D.

Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

Thank you so much for allowing us to use your Community Room this morning for our management team meeting.  Our staff was very much impressed with the architecture and openness of all of your space.  We were honored to be the first recipients of your community outreach!

Thanks again,


Phillip L. Parker, CAE, CCE| President and CEO|Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

22 E. Fifth St. | 1 Chamber Plaza|Dayton OH 45402-2400

937.226.8225 voice|937.226.8254 fax | daytonchamber.org

Greater Dayton Premier Management

I wanted to personally thank you for allowing Greater Dayton Premier Management to use your community room today for our employee training.  The space is perfect for our needs and your staff was so accommodating.  Your new facility is a beautiful addition to the Downtown Dayton area and we are all grateful that you allow us to share it with you.

Also, it was a pleasure meeting you today.  You and your staff have been very helpful to GDPM and we appreciate all you have done for the Agency.

 Again, thank you for your generosity – it is greatly appreciated.

 Pam Hawkins


Pam Hawkins, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

Senior Manager Human Resources

Greater Dayton Premier Management

How to be funny at work without being a fool

Four tips on office humor.

1. Respect the room

It’s one thing to crack wise when you’re in the company of people you know and trust. When you’re in a room with people you work with, it’s a different matter. Make sure they’re willing to laugh before you try to make them do it, McClellan says. “For me as a comedian, people are coming to hear my thoughts – that’s my arena to express myself. In the workplace, ultimately, people are there to work. Some folks don’t want to be social with you on that level– they want to say ‘Hello, good morning,’ and go do their job. If you’re trying to be funny, people often don’t want to hear that from people they work with – it’s out of bounds.”

2. Know your crowd

Good comedians gauge their audience. Office comedians should, too. “When you’re in a comedy club, you have to read the audience – what are they going to let me get away with? You have to do the same thing in an office.” And while it might sound a bit passé, the best barometer of that is often the women in the room. “If you can make the women in the room laugh,” McClellan says, “then everything’s A-OK.”

3. Keep it real

Stuck for material? Try the truth, McClellan says. “That’s one of the great things about [Louis] C.K. The truth wins out in the end. And I think that’s the line – if you can say something that’s humorous but also true at the exact same time, people will give you a lot more leeway.” There’s a caveat here, though: If what you believe to be true happens to coincide with subjects like ethnicity, religion or gender, it might be best to leave it unsaid.

4. Pick your spot

“A lot of times people want to be that ‘funny’ guy, and I don’t think there’s anything worse than someone trying to be funny, someone who’s constantly ‘on,’” McClellan says. “People like a joke and they like to laugh, but you have to pick your spots.” A good place to pick as a worker? Somewhere off-site and after-hours. “People are letting their hair down a little more– they’re not confined by the walls of their workplace, either physically or mentally.”