9 Things for Entrepreneurs to Watch For in 2012

Now that the Mayans have proven to be a bust on predictions we thought it might fun to see who else was going out on a limb for the future. Here is a fresh list from blogger Ilya Pozin who is highly regarded in some circles.

Nine Things for Entrepreneurs to Watch for In 2012

It’s now time to turn our attention next year’s biggest entrepreneurial trends.

Here’s my take on trends entrepreneurs should watch in 2013:

1. Crowdfunding

With the flow of capital to entrepreneurs becoming smaller and smaller each year, we’re likely to see an even greater rise in crowdfunding platforms. In fact, these collectively generous communities are estimated to transact as much as $500 billion in 2013.

2. Going Global

Today’s technological world allows us access to customers from all over the globe. Bringing successful U.S. business models into developing or trailing countries presents an opportunity for startups in every industry. Startups like Pheed, 2U, and Threadless have already made the jump into the global waters with successful outcomes.

3. Augmented Reality

Moving past the mobility wars that have taken place in the smartphone sector, brands like Apple and Microsoft are making the move to augmented reality. With the release of Google’s Project Glass prototype–the augmented reality head-mounted display revealed back in June–this sector is certainly an area for tech entrepreneurs to keep their eyes on in 2013.

4. L.A. As Tech Startup Hotspot

Earlier this year, L.A was ranked tenth on PayScale.com’s list of Hotspots For Startup IT Jobs. With the help of accelerators, L.A. will continue to grow at a hotspot for startups in 2013. After starting my web design company in L.A., I’ve been able to see the unmatched level of talent and opportunity available in the area, which will only get stronger throughout the next year.

5. Business Focus For Startups

Startups that have a bigger focus on business and revenue models are set to succeed in 2013, drawing away from businesses with a focus on big ideas and user acquisition with no clear cut revenue model.

6. Better Social Platforms

The need for higher quality content online will certainly drive a social trend in 2013 with the creation of more advanced content-driven social networks. Pheed is an example of a social platform that I feel will reach even larger audiences in 2013.

7. Great Emphasis On Company Culture

Creating a positive company culture will be of stronger emphasis for startups in 2013. Many startups are taking new steps toward building cultures that define their products. One step I firmly believe in: dismantling hierarchies, which can eliminate micromanaging and other attitudes that squash innovation.

8. Corporate Incubators For Funding

The trend of corporate-backed funding, known as “corporate incubators,” are certain to take 2013 by storm. While these funds will ultimately provide smaller amounts of support than traditional venture capital funds, they will be able to support a larger number of innovators and have a greater impact long term.

9. Internet TV

The growth of internet usage has spawned the next generation of television — Internet TV. In 2013, I expect Internet TV to take off with the help of Google and Apple TV, leaving space for new innovations in this market.