Are You Using the Right Resources to Find Your Next Position?

What can you do to find that next great career opportunity? Notice I did not say find your next JOB because I think anyone can find a job when they want and need to but what people want nowadays is a career opportunity that brings a challenge and fulfillment. In my opinion there are a plethora of resources at your disposal to better prepare yourself for that next move but I have to warn you that it actually does take some effort on your part to succeed with this endeavor. The first place you need to look is pick up your resume and read it out loud. Does it make sense? How are you making yourself stand out from the crowd when it comes to competing against other Career Opportunity seekers. You will beat the job seekers hands down because their job search ends with putting together a resume. People will hire you if you can make them money, save them money or achieve some streamlined process that makes things run more efficiently. So bottom line HOW DO YOU stack up with achievements on your resume to speak about these areas?