Attracting Quality Candidates to Your Company

In many ways, attracting skilled, dedicated employees is about presenting your business so that candidates will get excited and enthusiastic at the prospect of working for your company. It is important to evaluate your competition in the area and strategically plan to offer a package of benefits that will enable you to attract the best talent.
Consider the following factors that can enhance your company’s attractiveness:
Compensation/Benefits Package
· Competitive salary
· Bonus/incentive compensation
· Health care and life insurance benefits
· Tax-saving retirement plans, such as a 401(k)
· Other types of fringe benefits, such as childcare assistance or gym memberships
Position-Related Benefits
· Flexible work arrangements
· Telecommuting
· Location and position matched to candidate’s individual needs
Support and Training
· Career-enhancing courses
· Certifications
· Career growth and potential
Company Brand and Environment
· Positive, well-known company brand
· Industry-recognized, successful company
· Friendly, organized workplace environment
· Straightforward, friendly, professional interview process