August Brings BWC Fraud Awareness Series

August brings fraud awareness series
BWC’s Special Investigations Department (SID) is starting a series of educational and interactive articles highlighting its work to identify and put a stop to workers’ compensation fraud. The articles will focus on the team’s activities with details on common fraud schemes, red flags that could be signs of fraud, and feature examples of current cases.

SID is comprised of several types of teams with expertise in different types of fraud:

Three regional claimant fraud special investigation teams operate in most customer service offices;
The health care provider team, employer team and safety violations investigation unit are each comprised of team members located throughout the state;
The intelligence unit; digital forensics unit; and BWC security services operate through BWC’s central office.
During the month of August, the focus is on employer fraud, followed by injured worker fraud in September and health care fraud in October.

Visit SID’s Facebook and Twitter pages to follow the series, report fraud and keep up on the latest news.