Awkward Conversations: How to Talk to Employees About Hygiene, Appearance, and Bad Behavior

There’s hardly a supervisor or manager who doesn’t dread the awkward conversation with an employee. No, it’s not the one about how performance is slipping or how someone else received the promotion. It’s the really awkward conversations: personal hygiene, unprofessional appearance that doesn’t fit the office atmosphere or inappropriate behavior that goes beyond quirky or annoying.

How likely are you to postpone or even avoid that awkward conversation with your employee rather than face the inevitable embarrassment—yours and theirs?

Join consultant and coach Sue Thompson on August 25, and get her tips and tricks for making that awkward conversation—well, less awkward. You have the authority to counsel or correct these problems, and by learning simple verbal “templates,” you will gain the reassurance that you need.

Learning Objectives

• Remind yourself of your leadership role—you are more than a performance evaluator
• How much disruption is the offense causing? 3 essential questions to ask
• What are the relevant legal points to consider, so you can proceed with confidence?
• Perfect your delivery of the most important 7 words in the conversation
• The influence of image and behavior on performance

Presented By:

Sue Thompson

Sue Thompson is president of Exceptionality, LLC, helping people and companies create dramatic changes from the inside out. Everything visible in your presence or your workplace broadcasts a message and contributes to the bottom line, and what is not seen—character—speaks loudest of all. Sue works with companies and executives to provide coaching, training, and consulting, and is a sought-after meeting and convention speaker. She offers a monthly teleseminar on character called, “Your Character is Showing,” that highlights the strengths that create success. She also offers a unique newsletter and authors the blog “Etiquette Dog!” For more information, contact