Employers Use Temps to Hire Judiciously

By Scot Feldmeyer
BarryStaff of Cincinnati Weekly Newsletter

      Judiciously.  I like that word. According to the dictionary judicious means wise, sensible, intelligent, prudent or sane!   I love it when employers are being sane.   Okay I got it from an article I read in the Dow Jones Business News.   According to this article we are seeing a rise in demand for temporary workers because of uncertainty over the economic recovery.   One executive told Dow Jones, “Companies are changing the ways they are looking at their work models in this new, post-recession age.”
      The article went on to say that employers are starting to see increased demand for their products and services but they are uncertain as to how sustainable this demand is.   So they have been stretching their existing workforce through overtime and complimenting that with temps.   It shows that companies are requiring more flexibility.   Demand for temps has increased by about 15% over the same period last year.   Where a company might have had 5% of their workforce consisting of temporary staff last year, that number could now be around 10%.
      The article said that experts expect this trend to continue for a while but as demand increases, companies will reach a point where they need to ramp up their workforces on a more permanent basis.   In the meantime Temp-to-Hire is gaining in popularity with a 100% increase over 2010 in the number of temporary workers who get permanent positions at companies where they are working.   This says that companies are hiring, but they are also being “judicious.”
      The flexible programs at BarryStaff offer some terrific ways to be judicious in your hiring.   We can help with purely temporary staffing needs and our Temp-to-Hire program allows you to try an employee on the job before adding them to your payroll and benefit plans.   Our professional staff can also recruit key employees on a Direct Hire basis or you can avoid the risk of a hiring error by using BarryStaff’s Payrolling service to bring on new employees.   You can find out more at www.barrystaff.com.

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