Employment Application Do’s and Dont’s


On average only 2 out of every 10 applicants fill out their job applications completely and correctly.

· Don’t baulk at having to fill out an application. This information is the only way the employer has to get to know you.
· Do fill out the application completely. You’ll be providing your prospective employer with what they need. Being thorough will also demonstrate your attention to detail.
· Do fill out the application accurately and honestly. You can frame unfavorable information in the most positive way possible. But BE HONEST!
· Do be prepared with all the information you need to fill out the application. Consolidate all of the commonly asked for information on one sheet of paper and carry it with you. Then you can quickly transfer information to the appropriate spot on the application.
· Don’t write “See Resume” in the employment history section. Believe it or not…people have been known to misrepresent themselves on their resumes. The employer wants to have your work history spelled out on the application so you can sign off on its accuracy.
· Do make an informed decision about supploying current or previous pay rates on a job application. You need to fill in these blanks. But you should consider how the information you’re supplying will impact your ability to negotiate salary later. The best approach will depend upon the level of the position for which you’re apploying and how readily the company discloses the hiring range.
· Do make sure the dates on the application match the dates on your resume. If they don’t this will be a major red flag to the hiring authority. You can use your resume as a guide for filling out the employment history. Just make sure you have all the additional information needed as well.
· Do be prepared to answer a free form question about why you are a good candidate for the postion. Many applications will ask this or a similar question.

Filling out the employment application correctly will not win you the job. That can only happen when you get face-to-face with the hiring manager.