Fear of Spring Break

BarryStaff of Cincinnati Weekly Newsletter
By Scot Feldmeyer

Well, it looks like spring has finally arrived. The weather is warm and sunny, my grass finally got mowed, my wife is planting flowers and the pear trees are covered in blossoms. Still, there is something happening this time of year that strikes terror into the heart of every father in the country with children under the age of 40…..SPRING BREAK!

Yes my 25-year-old daughter is going on Spring Break in Florida. I used to think that this would pass once she graduated from college. Unfortunately she’s a schoolteacher so she still gets a Spring Break. Oh sure, she’s going with some friends to an area that is not usually a haven for drunken college kids but, as a dad, I know there will still be young men with raging hormones prowling the beaches. It doesn’t help that her new bathing suit cost over $50, which comes out to about $1 per thread. My wife says it is modest by today’s standards but I would still prefer she wore her old sweat suit from her high school track team.

The poor kid suffers from walking in the footsteps of her older brothers. Years ago I sent them off to college with a sufficient number of brain cells and they came back from Spring Break with a suntan and a blank stare. What do college kids need a break from? All they do is party and sleep.

How can we ever forget that message on our answering machine of, “Mom and Dad, I’m still in Florida. All of my friends have gone back to school but my car is wrecked and I’m out of money.” Yes, those were the good old days. No wonder I’m thinking of asking my doctor for a double dose of Xanax now that Spring break is once again upon us.

It’s a good thing that I’m distracted from my worries here at BarryStaff where we’re busy recruiting quality people for our clients. Despite the economy, it’s always a challenge to find good people. And we don’t want to find just good people, we want to find the BEST people available. That’s why we check their background, references and put them through our Skills Assessment testing. We can even do drug screening right here in our BarryStaff office.

If you have a need for anything from light industrial temps to professional recruiting of top management and key personnel, just give us a call. We are here to help.