Giving Back to the Community

By Scot Feldmeyer

BarryStaff of Cincinnati Weekly Newsletter

  An important part of being a business in a community is giving back to that community.  I’ve worked for different companies in my career but I’ve never worked at a company that seems to believe that more than BarryStaff.  I know that among our employees we have members of Rotary Clubs, Boy Scout Leaders, Youth Sports Coaches, Animal Shelter Volunteers, and people who are unselfish in donating their time to all kinds of charitable groups and churches.  They really are a great bunch of individuals.

 But BarryStaff is the first company I’ve worked at that actually stood up and VOLUNTEERED to give back to the communities by sponsoring youth sports teams.  As someone who coached when my kids were little I know it usually took a lot of begging, pleading, and arm twisting to find team sponsors.  Yet BarryStaff has made it company policy to sponsor teams.   Just check out the “Sports” tab on our web site at  You’ll see pictures of the teams and the names of the kids.  They love going online to read about themselves.

 Do you have a fall youth team looking for a sponsor?  Soccer?  Football?  Girls full-contact kick boxing?  We are sponsoring 5 teams again this fall.  Sorry, but we don’t sponsor select or traveling teams.  We do like for our logo to be on the shirts and we really like for the coaches to stay in touch and provide team updates for the web site.  If you have a question, please contact Doug Barry in our Dayton office at (937) 461-9732.


Two brothers from West Virginia hear there is work in Ohio so they come to Cincinnati and go to BarryStaff.

 The recruiter thinks the best way to get things going is to ask about their past work experience.

So, he asks the first brother,  “So what kind of work are you used to doing.”

 “Well, for years now I’ve been working as a pilot.”

“Really!  A pilot?  Well I think we won’t have a lot of trouble finding work for you, have a seat and fill out this application.”

 He then turns to the other brother

“So what kind of work have you been doing lately?”

“Well, mostly I’ve been a woodcutter.”

“A woodcutter, huh?  That’s going to be a tough one.  We haven’t had much call for woodcutters lately.”

“I don’t understand,” says the second brother.  “You said you could find my brother work.”

“Well yes, but he’s a pilot.”

“But how in the heck is he supposed to pile it if I don’t cut it first? 

 And they wonder why recruiters need to be medicated.