Halloween Fun Facts and Fall Recruiting

By Scot Feldmeyer – BarryStaff of Cincinnati newsletter 10/31/11

I can’t believe October is over already. It’s my favorite month because of the cool, dry days with lots of color in the trees. Also it’s the month with the lowest heating bills from Duke Energy. I also had a new grandson born this month so that’s another reason to like October.

One thing we have noticed at BarryStaff this fall is an increase in the number of orders we have had for Direct Hire placements. Our Dayton office has really picked up in that area and it makes sense as those hard-to-find employees are becoming more and more in demand. If your company is having trouble finding a key player, manager, or skilled technician, give us a call and let our professional recruiters find the right person for you.

Also check out the BarryStaff rates for Direct Hire placements. They range from as low as 10% with no placement fees over 15%. We also can work out payment plans for installments over a 90-day period. Direct hires work because it shows a level of commitment to a recruit and it helps when recruiting someone who is already employed. Maybe it’s the right move for your company.

– Halloween candy sales average around $2 billion annually in the U.S.
– The Tootsie Roll was the first wrapped penny candy in America.
– The Snickers Bar is the favorite candy of Trick-or-Treaters.
– Halloween is the 2nd most commercially successful holiday behind Christmas.
– Vampire bats live, not in Transylvania, but South American and feed on cattle blood.
– The mask worn by Michael Myers in the movie “Halloween” was a William Shatner mask painted white.
– The Halloween movie was shot in 21 days in the spring and they used fake leaves.
– Signs that someone might be a werewolf are a unibrow, hairy palms, bad breath, tattoos, and a long middle finger.
Oh my Gosh. I think my mother-in-law may be a werewolf.
Have a great Halloween! – Scot