How to Hire People Without Hiring Them

BarryStaff of Cincinnati Weekly Newsletter 5/9/12
By Scot Feldmeyer

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you wanted to hire a person but you just weren’t sure if it was a good thing to do at that particular time? Maybe the need is there for that person now, but is there going to be enough work down the road to support adding people to your payroll? None of us have a crystal ball to see what business is going be like down the road. Or maybe the person you’re contemplating hiring is a friend or relative of a current employee. You might want to hire them but you aren’t sure how well it will work out. Will their relationship with a current employee be a good thing our will it cause problems? Maybe you have another person who came to you with a terrific referral but you want to see for yourself how good they really are before you add them to your payroll and benefit plan. So what do you do?

The answer could be to bring the employee on through BarryStaff’s Payrolling Service. This way you can let us take the initial risk. We place the employee on OUR payroll so they can work for you while you give them a try. Since we didn’t really recruit them for you our markup is typically lower than our regular placements and you can make the switch to move them to your payroll whenever you are ready with no minimum on the hours they need to work through BarryStaff. We perform this service for many companies. Maybe it would be a good move for your company, too.

Here are some more likely headlines from the year 2035

– Spotted Owl Plague Threatens Northwestern United States Crops and Livestock
– 35 Year Study. Diet and Excercise Key to Weight Loss
– Supreme Court Rules Punishment of Criminals Viloates Their Civil Rights
– Upcoming NFL Draft Likely to Focus on Use of Mutants
– Average Height of NBA Players Now Nine Feet Seven Inches.
– Microsoft Announces Newest Version of Windows Crashes BEFORE Installation is Completed
– Congress Authorizes Direct Deposit of Illegal Contributions to Campaign Accounts
– New Federal Law Requires That All Nail clippers, Screwdrivers, Flyswatters, Hammers, and Rolled Up Newspapers Must Be Registered By 2036
– IRS sets Lowest Tax Rate at 85%

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