Job Skills That No Longer Impress Recruiters

By Alida Moore,

In today’s competitive job market, it is important to develop skills that will make your resume stand out. But some of the job skills that might have moved your resume to the top of the pile a few years ago might not be worth as much today. Which skills are on the verge of becoming so last year?

According to online salary database,, the skills on this list have seen the biggest drop in market value over the last few years. “These skills are associated with jobs the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts to have slow to no growth over the next 10 years,” says Katie Bardaro, Director of Analytics at “Often, to be successful in your career, you need to have multiple skills to set yourself apart,” says Bardaro.

If the skill that tops your resume is on this list, it may be wise to invest time in developing other skills related to your career and industry.


Spanish is the second most prominent language in the United States, after English. Additionally, over 35 million U.S. residents speak Spanish at home, according to So why is this a dying job skill? Simply put, the commonality of Spanish makes it a resume dud. Furthermore, Spanish isn’t a prominent language in business. If you would like to pad your resume with a language skill, consider learning Arabic, Japanese or Chinese.

Software Installation and Upgrade

In these technology-driven times, most workers have a basic understanding of computers and software. In fact, most software installation happens at the push of a button or, more often, is automated. Upgrades are often as simple as clicking a link and restarting your computer, something that has become second nature to many workers.

Legal Research

An abundance of underemployed law school grads makes this skill not as impressive as it used to be. If you want to compete with them, you may need to head back to law school yourself.

Handling Mortgage Loans

The collapse of the housing industry shook the faith of many and renters are on the rise. If this skill tops your resume, it might be wise to look for other ways to apply your knowledge of the mortgage loan business.

Additional BarryStaff advice:

This is not to say that the above job skills are no longer useful in the workplace.  But it might be a good idea to think of different ways to sell those skills on your resume.  Instead of saying you speak Spanish, instead note that you are bilingual with communications skills in multiple languages.  Instead of noting your software installation skills be sure to say that you are “computer literate” and note the software packages (Microsoft Office, etc.) where you are comfortable.  “Legal Research” can translate into critical skills in collections and skip-trace.  Also consider shifting the focus on Mortgage loan experience into familiarity with financing and credit approval.  Just try to show your experience in the best light possible.  Your BarryStaff professionals can help.