Detailed Job Descriptions are critical in finding the perfect employeeFinding the perfect employee is not like ordering a Big Mac and fries at the local McDonald’s, but some job descriptions might lead you to believe that!Recruiters and HR staff are often tasked with finding the perfect employee for a company with less details than they would have if they were taking a lunch order for the office. “I need a sales person with 3-5 years experience in the software industry” is not going to get you what you need!Here are five questions you should answer in creating a great job description: 

  1. What is the job’s primary purpose or contribution to the department or organization? 
  2. What are the essential duties and responsibilities? You should include all important aspects of the job – whether performed daily, weekly, monthly or annually; and any that occur at irregular intervals. 
  3. Does the job have supervisory responsibilities? Are there subordinate supervisors reporting to this job? If yes, how many? 
  4. What education and/or experience is needed to successfully accomplish the essential duties of the job? 
  5. What licenses, certificates or registrations are required?

And last, but definitely NOT least, is why would the job seeker want to work there? Do you have a fund to allow each employee to pursue their personal development through seminars, books, or college courses? Do you provide on-site day care centers? Play lunch time volleyball? Tell them what’s in it for THEM!Writing your job description in this manner will increase your chances of finding the perfect employee for YOU.