Media Release: International Women’s Day

DAYTON, OH – BARRYSTAFF Inc. is calling for local women to apply for an abundance of manufacturing positions currently available through the company.

March is National Women’s History Month and Friday, March 8, is International Women’s Day. Although women total about 47 percent of the national workforce, data shows that they make up only about 29 percent of the manufacturing workforce.

“There is still a perception that manufacturing is a male-oriented career,” said BARRYSTAFF president and owner Doug Barry. “Many people don’t realize these facilities are vastly different than ones that existed 40 years ago. They’re clean, well-lit, comfortable work places.”

BARRYSTAFF provides employees to local employers for 90 days. After that time period the employer has the option to make the BARRYSTAFF employee a full-time member of their team.

Through 2019, roughly the same percentage of women met the threshold as men.

BARRYSTAFF partners with more than 100 local companies. Most are in manufacturing.

“The majority of our applicants still tend to be men,” Barry said. “We need to start addressing the concerns of women and why they tend to be more reluctant to seek manufacturing work.

“If job seekers would like to have a conversation about that, my door is always open,” he added.

Barry will be available to address this topic with the media on March 8. Members of the media will also be afforded the opportunity to speak a supervisor at a local manufacturing company — she originally started with BARRYSTAFF — about her experience in the industry.
The job search can be a pain. That’s why we’re here. 

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In 2017 the company won the Eclipse Integrity Award from the Better Business Bureau. BARRYSTAFF is the only staffing agency to win the award.