NCAA Office Pool Winner

Since no one has any teams left in the Office Pool I will go ahead and announce the winner. Your 2011 winner is ME! Better luck next year.  Here are the results.

RankTeam NameScoreCorrectBest ScoreBest CorrectChampion 
1Robert Voelkel39393939Duke  (164)
2Greg Cross38383838Ohio St.  (172)
3Emily Monnin36363636Ohio St.  (156)
3Pam Barry36363636Ohio St.  (147)
5Dianne Baxter35353535Ohio St.  (135)
5Scot Feldmeyer (1)35353535Ohio St.  (147)
7Erin Post34343434Pittsburgh  (123)
7Jerry Post (2)34343434Kansas  (134)
7joshua voelkel34343434Duke  (154)
7Kerri Voelkel34343434Kansas  (145)
7Teresa Ambos34343434Ohio St.  (164)
12Andrew barry33333333Ohio St.  (120)
12Doug Barry33333333Ohio St.  (133)
12Scot Feldmeyer (2)33333333Kansas  (147)
15ryan trapp32323232Ohio St.  (155)
16Jerry Post (1)31313131Duke  (126)
17Amanda Clay20202020Ohio St.  (125)