Neighbors Can Drive Out Hunger Food Drive

Greetings All,

I trust you’re all enjoying the summer. This is a SPECIAL REQUEST for you, your organization and other groups/neighbors you can bring to this wonderful community event.

Rocky, Larry and UD Arena have teamed up with their food supplier, Sysco Foods to set a new Guinness Book of Records one day canned food drive. All non perishable food collected Saturday, August 13, 2011 will be taken to the Dayton Food Bank to help those in need throughout our community. BarryStaff was selected as the third party to monitor and tabulate the total can count and weight. All product must be “in date” to qualify. The program “Neighbors CAN DRIVE out hunger” will be promoted by local media and provide much needed inventory for OUR food bank. A second location, Brixx Ice House, will be a drop point. A friendly competition is emerging between the two drop off locations.

BarryStaff wants to assist Rocky & Larry in this friendly competition!

Kindly forward this email or create your own message to your group. Also please consider your entire address book with a personal note. If possible, ask your Webmaster to make a special post of this event on your site.

The local community will benefit from your generosity. “TOGETHER WE CAN”

The drop off times are between 8am and 4pm Saturday, August 13th. A Sysco truck will be parked on the east side of the arena. Smiling faces from UD Arena, BarryStaff and Sysco Foods will be on site to greet and thank you for your kindness.

Let me thank you in advance for your effort and assistance.