Ready For Spring? Spring Sports?

By Scot Feldmeyer
BarryStaff of Cincinnati Newsletter 2/17/12

So how have you liked our winter so far?  Too dark?  Too gray?  Too wet?  Well, yes we have had a lot of wet and dark days but look at it this way, just a few degrees colder and all that rain could have been snow.  I read the other day that so far this winter our total accumulation has added up to about 2 inches.  Last year at this time we had accumulated over 30 inches of snow.  Folks that’s almost 3 feet of the white stuff to drive in and shovel off the driveways parking lots and sidewalks.  I don’t miss it!

But spring is still approaching.  The Reds will start Spring Training this month and soon we will be hearing Marty and The Cowboy doing preseason Reds games on the radio.  Can spring sports for the kids be far behind?  Let me assure you that it’s right around the corner.  I’m a high school umpire and we have already been having our state and local meetings.  Soon pee-wee and knothole teams will be forming but BarryStaff is HERE TO HELP.

Did you know that BarryStaff sponsors up to 5 youth sports teams each season?  We do it because we feel youth sports helps promote teamwork and a healthy lifestyle and that the lessons learned on the field of play help prepare our youth for the workplace.  You can check out pictures of some of last year’s teams by going to our web site at and clicking on SPORTS.  Be sure to click on the little girls team and check out the pink BarryStaff shirts.  If your youth sports team needs a sponsor just contact Doug Barry at

This information calls for a SPORTS JOKE from the Joke Files of Milton Berle.
Did your hear about the 3 guys from West Virginia who went to the Olympics but were turned down for seats?  One picked up a manhole cover, walked over to the guard and said, “Discus thrower.”  He was allowed in.  So the second appeared with a long piece of pipe and said, “Pole Vaulter.”  He, too was allowed in.  Finally the third was allowed in when he approached the guard with a piece of barbed wire and said, “Fencing.”

Please give us a call if we can help with your staffing needs OR support the community by sponsoring a youth team in your area.