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BARRYSTAFF Launches New Communication
Effort on Social Media

Screenshot of Facebook page on mobile

ASPM is a busy place. Even though BarryStaff has an on-site supervisor stationed at the Vandalia plant every day, it’s difficult to maintain contact with everyone.

Consider that BarryStaff may have as many as 100 employees working at ASPM, making everything from small gears to washer and dryer tops. Employees work through the evening and in the wee hours of the morning.

A Facebook page was created so BarryStaff can stay intouch with these workers. The page – only for BarryStaff employees working atASPM –
is multi-functional. It is part suggestion box. Private messages sent to page administrators remain private. It’s also part message board because the page celebrates perfect attendance, new hires and promotions.

Within a week of its launch, the bulk of BarryStaff employees currently working at ASPM had “liked” the page. They were also messaging administrators on a regular basis.

“We want to meet our employees where they already are –on social media,” said President Doug Barry. “You’re either keeping up with technology or you’re not. We intend to find new ways to use it to our advantage.”

What’s more, employees are permitted to message BarryStaff page administrators to let them know if they won’t be at work. BarryStaff then relays that information to supervisors at ASPM in a matter of minutes.

“Sometimes employees are reluctant to have that conversationon the phone,” Barry said. “The last thing we want is for them to just not showup. This is an alternative that’s less confrontational.”

Employees must still give notice two hours prior to the start of the shift.

BARRYSTAFF Begins Work on New Patio


The southern side of the BarryStaff office building will soon look much different.

Construction on a new patio between the building and lot will begin in the coming weeks. The concrete patio will be 33 feet long by 24 feetwide. A black aluminum fence will circle the perimeter and 14 new Juniper trees will be planted to ensure even greater privacy.

“This will be a space for our employees,” said BarryStaff founder and co-owner Pam Barry. “We’ve always been about a quality work experience.”

Numerous studies have drawn a line betweenhappy workers and higher levels of productivity. BarryStaff’s hope is that thepatio will provide a getaway without really getting away.

An outdoor grill will be used for cookouts. Tables will pepper the patio and a small fountain will provide additional serenity.

“These jobs can be demanding,” saidPresident Doug Barry. “Breaks are needed. Hopefully this area will recharge the batteries.”

Employee Spotlight: Buddy Myers of Walther EMC


Buddy Myers has dedicated much of his life to manufacturing and construction. When he says he’s happy at Walther EMC in Franklin, you can bet he has his reasons.

“People recognize my abilities here,” he said. “I’ve been around a while. It means a lot when people respond to what you have to say.”

Myers has been employed by BarryStaff for six years. When asked to recall the time when he was placed with Walther, he remembers that the company called him“three or four times” to make sure all sides were on the same page before he started.

“They were wonderful,” he said. “Very down to earth about everything.”

At this point, there are very few machines the 51-year-old doesn’t know how to operate. Younger employees, he said, should know that while the machines don’t change from employer to employer, the process and protocol will.

“The products look the same,” he said. “But the way they get there is different.”

When Myers isn’t at Walther, he’s playing his guitar. He loves country, southern rock and Jerry Lee Lewis. When asked to look back on his time at Walther, he smiles.

“It’s been a pretty good run so far,” he said.

Check out this short video of workers at Walther EMC.

Client Spotlight: Steve Mock of


Steve Mock, distributor at Safeguard in Centerville, will tell you his office once attempted the hiring process themselves. And then he’ll say it was cumbersome… to say the least.

“It didn’t work,” Mock said. “It was too time-consuming.”

He had worked with a staffing agency in the past. Speaking frankly, the previous experience left a sour taste in his mouth. A few years ago, however, Mock met a BarryStaff representative through his Business Network International group. He decided to partner with a staffing company once again.

Today Mock has 10 employees. He credits BarryStaff – the only staffing agency he’ll work with – with helping him find the right people.

“BarryStaff is just professional,” he said. “I know they are looking out for my best interests.”

Safeguard handles checks, forms and filing systems,full-color printing, promotional products, business apparel and web services for businesses across North America. After a strong second quarter, Mock is optimistic the company will finish out the year in a similar fashion.

“Steady as it goes,” he says with a smile.

Checkout this short video of life inside Safeguard.


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