Firearm Assembly Worker (Dayton, OH)

BarryStaff is looking for an Assembly Worker for a company close to downtown Dayton that specializes in firearms and sporting goods. You will be assisting in the production and assembly of the firearms they make.

This is a rapidly developing company, with a capacity to innovate. It offers a wide range of products and spreads its sales across 60 countries.

Hours: Scheduled hours and days are 7:00am-3:30pm (Monday – Friday). Starting pay is $10 per hour but you would receive a raise if the company decides to hire you permanently. They’ll have the opportunity to do so after 90 days.

You must have a clean criminal background – absolutely NO record of violence.

Personal transportation is a plus (although this facility is on the bus line)

You must have a strong work ethic, with exceptional punctuality and a history of good attendance.

Send a resume to or call (937) 461-9732 and ask for Erin.