Special Projects Assembler (Dayton, OH)

In this entry-level position you will assemble, inspect, and pack plastic parts for a multitude of different project. Specially customized birdhouses are one example. (a Welcome Packet your first day will have more details). You will need to pass a drug screen before starting work. 

2PM TO 10:30PM

There will be a .20 raise after 30 days, and another .25 raise after 60 days if your attendance has been good. They plan to hire you on permanently as long as you haven’t had attendance issues. There is another pay increase at that time, as well as company benefits. 

Casual- jeans or shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes. NO OPEN TOED SHOES! Safety glasses must be worn at all times while on the floor. You will be given a pair.

Email your resume to recruiter@barrystaff.com or call (937) 461-9732 and ask for Erin.