The Process

All potential BARRYSTAFF employees follow a complete application process.

  • Potential employees begin the process by completing a written application.
  • A background check is then performed.
  • The potential employee undergoes a skills assessment exercise.
  • The process culminates with a personal interview.
  • Specific skills may be accessed per your request.

Benefits to Employer


Our staff has a combined total of 5 decades of staffing experience. Our employment professionals are trained to be in full compliance with all applicable laws. When you use our services, you are able to redirect time and resources to your most important business activities. Let us learn about your business…then give us an opportunity to prove Ourselves. You’ll be amazed at the results!

BARRYSTAFF offers cost efficient options for the hiring process. Typical new-hire costs include:

  • Writing and placing advertisements.
  • Time spent screening and reviewing resumes.
  • Cost of applications/application candidates.
  • Time spent Interviewing.
  • Skills testing/assessments.
  • Orientations.

Enjoy the risk-free hiring options provided by BARRYSTAFF. Simply give us a call and…

  • The costs of placing advertisements are transferred to BARRYSTAFF.
  • The length of time the open position goes unfilled is reduced or eliminated.
  • Screening new applicants is performed by BARRYSTAFF.
  • You pay no up front fees for the services BARRYSTAFF provides.
  • In the unlikely event the employee proves not to be the correct choice for the Job, BARRYSTAFF will handle the necessary termination and find a replacement.
  • BARRYSTAFF performs quality control checks each week, discussing the work performance of each employee with his or her supervisor. If issues develop that need to be addressed, BARRYSTAFF handles the situation.
  • We pay the worker’s wages, State and Federal Unemployment Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, F.I.C.A. matching funds, Liability Insurance, and Bonding. We handle all required record keeping for a stipulated period of time.
  • BARRYSTAFF charges one all-inclusive hourly rate for all services performed during the stipulated time.

Building a Quality Partnership between YOU and BARRYSTAFF

BARRYSTAFF, our clients, and our employees each have an essential role in the Quality Service Partnership. As a client, your crucial role is to communicate your expectations up front and give us feedback after our service is delivered.

BARRYSTAFF is committed to understand client expectations, and to be responsive to client and employee needs. We take the initiative to resolve client problems.

BARRYSTAFF envisions a company built on long-term partnerships, supported by the most reliable service delivery system in the industry. It is our belief that by being the highest quality provider of reliable and innovative staffing solutions, we will make long-term partnerships a reality.